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Diamond Wool Pads

The finest selection of Wool Felt saddle pads!


The Countoured Cutter

our favorite here at Tim Horn Cutting Horses!

"The contoured Comfort Cutter has a natural top line for an instant fit. Made with a brushed fabric top and a Merino Wool fleece bottom with a 1" Wool felt filler and suede wear leathers. The contoured channel along the spine will add extra comfort."


Cutter Work Pad

"The Cutter Work Pad is made with a heavy cotton canvas top and a maize fleece bottom. Closely quilted with a 1" Wool felt filler and finished with suede wear leathers. Great for cutters and working horses."



Show Pad

"Beautifully designed, tightly woven, heavy Wool blanket tops with Merino Wool fleece bottom encasing 1/2" Wool felt bottom. Finished with distressed wear leathers." 


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