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Tim Horn

Tim is originally from Australia where he grew up with horses. His father, an accomplished horseman in his own right owned a 2,500 acre cattle sheep operation and horses were a necessity to run the operation. Tim started breaking horses for the local ranchers and soon acquired a name for turning out good solid work horses (they had to be able to carry a sheep, open a gate from atop their back and be able to crack a whip on them).

After finishing school where he graduated with a ranch management degree, Tim embarked on one of the last major cattle drives to take place in Australia bringing 1,200 steers from northern Queensland to the southern state of Victoria, taking 11 months. Tim came to the United States in 1982 and after attending a cutting horse clinic near his home in Australia, went to work for Tom Lyons making the NCHA Super Stakes Finals in 1984.

Tim Horn Cutting Horses

After four years with Tom, to whom he credits for instilling in him “Basics, Basics, Basics”, Tim went out on his own to train in Louisiana making the finals of the Southern Futurity in his first attempt at a big one. Tim then made the semi-finals the next year at The NCHA Futurity.

Deciding to start a family, it was deemed that he get a real job and so leaving the horse industry he settled back in Phoenix, Arizona. After 4 years of not riding and missing the horses and people associated with them, he decided to buy his current cutting horse operation in Queen Creek Arizona.

While still working full time, Tim accepted a few outside horses to supplement the financial expenses of owning and training his own cutting horses and began training on a limited basis.

After a banner year in 2008 both for his clients and himself, Tim has decided with their help and encouragement to train full time again. 2009 has started off with a bang and he is looking forward to training for the public again.

You can now find the operations of Tim Horn Cutting Horses on his ranch outside of Queen Creek, Arizona near the San Tan Mountains where he trains on five acres with a full stable and lighted arena facilities.

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